Retirement Gifts

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Vegan Love Gift Box

Vegan gifts and hampers will ensure your vegan friends and family members have an indulgent time on their special day.

Walker's Whisky Set (Black Label)

Our most premium whisky set gift box for that premium person in your life who loves to celebrate at home or on the go with a good tipple.

Scotch Whisky Set (J&B)

Know someone who likes to hop straight to the scotch when it's time to clink glasses? Why not treat them to some J&B Scotch Whisky & more...

Belvedere Sweet & Sour Set

Bestow a bottle of Poland's finest upon someone so they may mix it with Sicilian lemon tonic & top with a dry citrus garnish. All included.

Brain Game Gift Box

The perfect gift set for fathers who need a break from their hectic workdays.

Healthy Choice Gift Box

Delight them with a gift box filled with healthy and delicious snacks!

Healthy Compact Set Gift Box

Delight them with a gift box filled with healthy and delicious snacks!

Hello Healthy Gift Box

Delight them with a gift box filled with healthy and delicious snacks!

Home Dinner Gift Box

A thoughtfully chosen housewarming gift can help a new house become a home.

Super Food Gift Box

Delight them with a gift box filled with healthy and delicious snacks!

Coffee Love Gift Box

You know It's amazing how the world begins to change through the eyes of a cup of coffee.

Groomsmen Gift Box

This gift box special set is for those awesome men in our lives that deserve a splurge set of self-care.

Out of the blue Gift Box

A gift box that will leave the perfect impression.

Mix and Match Gift Box

A gift set that is designed to please both those on your list and yourself!

Booster Gift Box

It’s simply the best way to start the day with a healthy shot.

Wine Not? Gift Box

The perfect gift box set for someone who needs a vacation and self-love.

After years of hard work and dedication, you deserve to enjoy your retirement and live a life of leisure. You're leaving the world of work behind, and you don't have to worry about money anymore! As such, you may be struggling with what to buy for someone who's close to retirement.

Getting the right retirement gift sets can be tough. But when you give a gift box, your loved ones will receive a curated package of retirement essentials.

Here at Iamyoubox, we take pride in presenting the most unique, thoughtful, and special gifts. We think of each box as a source of inspiration - for both the giver and receiver.

We've put together these gifts in a box to inspire you to find a gift that truly represents your loved one's next chapter. Our premium gift set is a perfect way to congratulate years of hard work as they start their new life in retirement.

Whether they'd love to take a sip of wine or just into a healthy lifestyle, we hope that the items you find inside this box will help them enjoy their journey as much as possible. Our goal is to make your loved ones' next chapter more fun, less work, and more play! Our Retirement Gift Box is designed to do just that!

Not sure what to give? Don't hesitate to browse through our collection of gift boxes. Be it a gift for him or her, a friend, or a family member, we got the perfect gift box for you! We've prepared unique boxes that will help your loved ones explore their creativity, fitness, and even love life. With us, you'll never get stuck on what to give again!