10 Creative Halloween Present Ideas You'll Surely Love

10 Creative Halloween Present Ideas You'll Surely Love

Halloween is a time for spooky, suspenseful, unusual, and creative ideas. So before you go down the traditional route of giving gifts that will be pawned off by half the recipients and entirely forgotten by the others, check out this list of fun ways to give presents this Halloween.

These ten present ideas will leave your friends and family wondering what you put so much thought into! The gift is not just a way to show appreciation for their hard work all year; it's more than that.

1. Online gift card

Too tired to do the mundane task of picking up a gift? No problem, just have them receive it online. There's no need to go out and buy stuff, and they'll never know who sent it to them.

2. Candy

This is the easiest of all present ideas — they get what they like! Plus, you can choose from a wide variety of candy (within reason).

3. Novelty gift card

If you don't know the person well enough to know what they want, why not get a novelty gift card? They can use it for anything from an account to a concert ticket purchase or a cup of coffee.

4. Treats

Have you ever wanted to give a person a chocolate facial? Or wax your eyebrows for FREE? Perhaps you want to bake a cake for someone who never eats sweets. The possibilities are endless when you combine this present idea with your imagination.

5. A handmade item

If they've done something that you think is cool but would like to show them off, create a unique and handmade gift. Baked goods work really well too!

6. Massage/spa gift certificate

You can purchase these presents online, and your friend will get several services for the price you pay. If money is an issue, this could be just the thing to loosen up those tight muscles they've been complaining about and put a smile on their face.

7. Photos of them when they were younger

Here's something that'll show just how much you care for them. You could also do this for friends as a gesture of goodwill.

8. Tattoo/piercing gift certificate

There are plenty of tattoo artists and piercing shops that provide gift certificates to create a surprise gift. Plus, it's not a permanent decision, so you can always change your mind later on.

For the extra special person in your life, you could even get them their tattoo or piercer and work with their artist, so it's perfect!

9. Project for them to do

If you value your friend's hard work and dedication, why not encourage them to conquer their pet project? This is a great present for a friend that tends to procrastinate or wait until the last moment.

10. Something that grows

If you're not sure what to give someone yet, why not get them a plant? Earth Care and maintenance are significant these days, so finding these weird and wonderful plants will have your friend's head spinning.

There you have it  -- ten presents that you can give to anyone this Halloween. It doesn't matter if you're going to a party, a sleepover, or just hanging out with friends. These creative present ideas will leave everyone wondering what you put so much thought into!

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