20 Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

20 Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

How about we give our single, hard-to-buy-for-men something they will REALLY appreciate?

Sounds good. Here is a list of 20 ideas for unique gifts for men. They range from the practical (but manly) to the ridiculous (but fun)! If you are looking for a unique concept, you can never go wrong with these!

Consider it one last-ditch effort before sending him that dreaded text message that says, "Your gift is on its way."

1. Whiskey Stones
These are fabulous gift idea if you have a dad that likes an occasional drink. However, if he prefers a sweeter drink, they can add the ice to the drink before using these.

2. Beard Trimmer
For a man who has a beard, these can come in handy. You can find them online or at any department store.

3. Beard Oil
You know the saying, "A gentleman always takes care of his beard"? Well, why not make it a reality? Good beard oil is going to really help the man's skin underneath and also keep it well-groomed.

4. Cool Wallet
We all know that wallets are boring gifts for men, but this one is a lot cooler than a normal wallet. It comes in a variety of colors and looks pretty slick. It is made of high-quality genuine leather, and you can probably find one on sale for cheap online.

5. Bow Tie
This is definitely something he probably never needs, but you know how men love to look good. A bow tie is a man's accessory. It looks great and will be sure to stand out in a crowd of suits and ties.

6. Custom Handmade Business Cards
Who says you have to go to the corporate world to get a little bit of flash? If your boyfriend or husband has his own business and needs some new business cards, why not have them made with his favorite pictures on them?

7. Massage Gift Certificate
Who doesn't love massages? If you are looking for something more of a practical gift for men, why not give him a gift certificate to his favorite massage place? It is something he can really use. He will thank you for it later on in the evening!

8. Pocketknife
A guy is only going to need one. If you want your man to look good and feel good, this is the perfect gift for him. It has a pocket clip which means he won't lose it in his pocket or worry about it falling out. He can always keep it handy if he needs to cut something!

9. Shaving Kit
This is an excellent gift for any man. If he remembers to shave, he will appreciate it. If not, at least you know that his face will be smooth and kissable!

10. Cologne
All men should have their favorite cologne handy. It is a great gift for him, and it is something they will definitely use. Cologne lasts a long time, so he won't have to worry about re-buying anytime soon!

11. Beer Gift Card
For a man with a passion for beer, this is a great option! He can buy as many bottles of his favorite beer as he wants. It is perfect if you are looking for something unique and different. You can find these online or in stores near you!

12. Knife Sharpener
This is another gift any guy will love. It has been around since the beginning of humankind, and it still works. If you want to get him something manly, this is definitely your best bet!

13. Sock Warmer
Socks are always a special gift. They are something that never goes out of style, and every man loves to have them. If your man is not the cold weather type, this will keep his feet warm when he needs it most.

14. Bottle Opener
Another manly gift. It is something you can always keep on hand and will use, even if he already has one. It will look terrific in his kitchen or any other room where he keeps condiments, whiskey, or other drinks close by.

15. Man Candle
A candle is a unique gift for any man. This one is a "man candle" and smells like smoke and whiskey. Imagine sitting down after a long day with your man, putting your feet up, having a couple of drinks, lighting his candle, and watching TV. It's the perfect end to the night!

16. Pocket Journal
Want to give him something he can write? A pocket journal is a perfect gift for him. If your man is a writer or just likes to write down his thoughts and memories, why not give him one you can both share?

17. Herbal Collection
If your guy is into herbs, this is the perfect gift. It includes various teas that will help him relax after a long day or keep himself healthy throughout the year. There are different mixes and flavors for every kind of guy!

18. Watch
Men love watches. They are a symbol of masculinity and reverence. If you want the man in your life to look good, why not get him something he will surely love? A nice watch is about the only thing that will be right on time!

19. Tie Clips
All men love ties, but they don't always have what they need to keep their ties up. Tie clips are the perfect solution. They look great and add a nice detail to any man's attire.

20. Face Scrub
Even if your guy is not going to be wearing make-up, face scrubs are great for men too! Why not give him the best of both worlds? He can use it in the shower and get rid of all of the impurities on his face.

We hope you've enjoyed this gift guide and found something new to add to your Christmas list! These gifts are a little bit different than the rest. Whether they be practical or unique, there is something for any guy that needs a little touch-up or some help with what to get their man. So what are some of your favorite gifts for men?

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