Birthday Gift Ideas during lockdown.

Birthday Gift Ideas during lockdown.

Do you or a loved one have an upcoming birthday, but you are in lockdown?

Celebrating a birthday party with everyone near and dear seems like a distant memory since quarantine, restrictions, and regulations were put in place and imposed. Almost everyone has had to cancel their birthday plans due to lockdowns. It has meant that birthdays could not be as grand or epic as in previous years.

It didn’t however mean that all celebrations ended, it only meant that we had to get creative and imaginative. Transitioning to Zoom calls or drive-by birthdays has become the new normal. When it comes to birthday gifts, all is not lost however, and you can still have gifts delivered to yourself, a friend or a loved one.

It takes a bit of creative thinking to pull off a successful online birthday but there are plenty of present ideas, how to celebrate and how to send birthday gifts during lockdown. Take a look at our birthday gift ideas if your birthday falls during a lockdown. We have listed a few special gifts to make someone feel cherished on their birthday.

It is a good idea to prepare a birthday gift in case the birthday of someone beloved is during a lockdown. The recipient can still get all the birthday vibes when receiving a special gift by delivery!

Let us dive into some birthday gift ideas!

Room Balloon Setup

Celebrating a birthday at home does not need to be dull or boring. A new trend that brings all the birthday celebration feels is a room balloon setup. The setup includes a wall covered in balloons from floor to ceiling, add some fairy lights and you have the perfect backdrop for birthday selfies and a Zoom call. You can arrange a surprise birthday balloon set up as a surprise and create a memorable birthday gift for the recipient.

Video Call Party

Arrange a secret video call party for someone celebrating their birthday during the lockdown. Start by inviting friends, family and set a theme or dress code to create a birthday mood. You can also go the extra mile by asking everyone to prepare birthday treats or a cocktail for the birthday girl or boy and share a birthday cheer together!

To help with the perfect setup is the Belvedere Sweet & Sour Set by IamYouBox. They create and deliver birthday gift sets, so you can focus on the extra details for the person celebrating. Take a look at all the gifts in a box - 200ml bottle of Belvedere Vodka, a bottle of Franklin & Sons Sicilian Lemon Tonic, dried citrus garnish, a tube of Skittles, Tutti Frutti Original Fruit Pastilles, and a pine candle to set the tone. This is the perfect mix of gifts in a box for someone who enjoys a smooth drinking experience. As a present idea, you can send the Belvedere Sweet & Sour Set by IamYouBox to yourself and the birthday girl or boy and enjoy a memorable experience together.

Gift Set delivery

There is no better way to kick start a birthday celebration than with a surprise delivery. It is easy than ever to send a birthday gift or surprise a loved one with IamYouBox. You can search online at IamYouBox to find a wide range of present ideas, gift sets and gifts in a box. You may be surprised at the variety of birthday gift ideas and some gifts in a box that you may not even have thought of. A gift set delivery is an ideal solution for birthday celebrations during the lockdown.

Here are some present ideas available for delivery at IamYouBox.

The Brain Game Gift Box. These gifts in a box are great additions for someone who loves a challenge. Included in this special gift is a Sudoku book and a pencil, a snake cube puzzle, convenient sized pocket hand sanitizer spray, a reusable cup and two Twinings Ginseng Tea for focus.

Glam and glow Gift box. These special gifts in a box set is perfect to brighten someone’s day and make them smile. Inside this gift set is a cute “heart eyes” mug, a rainbow cloud bath bomb, a natural soy aromatherapy candle, a glass jar of matches, a mini flower bouquet and a 20ml hand sanitizer spray. This gift set will be appreciated as a birthday gift for someone who values self-care.

Remember, sending birthday gifts to loved ones, no matter the distance creates an unforgettable moment between you and the recipient. It tells them that you care, appreciate them and took time to select a special gift for them.

A gift delivery service like IamYouBox makes it even easier to send gift sets to anyone in Thailand. What are you waiting for? Head over to start looking at some present ideas for the next birthday!

IamYouBox creates and delivers gift sets throughout Thailand, taking the stress out of gift buying.

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