Holiday Gift Set Ideas For Your BFF

Holiday Gift Set Ideas For Your BFF

Who says you can't give gift sets to friends?

Holiday shopping is hard for everyone. For your friends, it's doubly difficult because they know you so well, and what you like. But don't fret! There are tons of fantastic gift sets out there, so you're just going to have to do your research.

For the person who loves fancy things

This is a gift set for your best friend who loves collecting those fancy-schmancy things. It's a kit for all her pampering needs, including:

A candle to set the mood

This set includes an aromatherapy candle that smells like vanilla and ginger and has calming, relaxing effects.

Comforting bath products

A cozy gift box that's perfect for long baths after a long day at work.
The set includes a bath bomb, bath lotion, and body wash.

An exfoliating shower gel

Wash away the stress and make skin feel smooth in no time at all.
The gift set includes a shower gel, body scrub, and loofah washcloth.

A relaxing massage spray

Relax your muscles and give yourself a good rubdown with this spray.
The set includes massage oil, body scrub, and loofah washcloth.

For the friend who's always on-the-go

This is a gift for your friend who's always running around and gives you a ride. She'll love this because it includes all these things:

A pen that won't leak
She'll definitely appreciate this because there's nothing more annoying than having a pen leak in her bag.

A cute makeup-remover cloth
Special gifts don't have to be grandiose! This makeup cloth will make her day.

A travel-sized umbrella
Everyone needs this. No one likes to get wet in the rain! 

A travel-sized bottle of nail polish remover
She'll love how easy and convenient it is to take on trips.

For your friend who's always hungry

This gift box is perfect for that friend who's always hungry and looking for something sweet.

A mini mug
Sometimes all you want is a little drink.

A light breakfast cookie
It's like eating a cookie during breakfast!

A chocolate-coated granola bar
A quick, light snack that'll get her through the day.

For your friend who loves to try new things
This set is perfect for your friend who adores discovery.

A holiday mug with a matching coaster
She'll fall in love with this surprise gift. It's like getting two gifts in one!

A tea bag with teacup
If she'd rather be drinking tea instead of coffee, this is an amazing set for her.

A new type of teabag
This set includes a box of teabags to try new flavors and see which ones she enjoys the most.

For your friend who loves to read and write

This set is perfect for your friend who loves to read and write all the time.

A book light
It's a lamp made especially for reading books in bed without disturbing anyone else, so she can get her to fix it whenever she feels like it.

For the friend who loves to play

This gift box is perfect for your friend who loves to play and be active. 

A cute running hat
It's a cute, lightweight headband that fits on any head.

A pair of sporty shorts

Let's be honest. When it comes to sports attire, you shouldn't have to go overboard. This pair of athletic shorts will let her stay comfortable while she's playing soccer or hitting the gym hard.

Bear in mind -- your gifts don't have to be extravagant. Sometimes, you just have to take a step back and think about what they need or want. You can easily find gift sets online that'll fit each friend's personality. What are some of the gifts you're planning on giving this holiday season?

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