How to do a spa at home & pamper yourself.

How to do a spa at home & pamper yourself.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and tired? Do you need some time out? It is time to pause and take a moment for yourself. Taking care of yourself should be a priority! Self-care has grown in popularity in recent years, and it has become increasingly easier to create a spa at home experience.

You may be thinking, how can a spa at home be created? We have some brilliant ideas to help you create a blissful oasis in the comfort of your home with self care night. Start by planning and make a list of all the essentials needed for taking care of yourself and shop ahead of time. If you plan to make a day of it, do not forget to also include self-care treats like chocolate, healthy snacks, or a bottle of bubbly.

The Body & Soul Soothing Gift Set from IamYouBox has all the essentials for that spa at home vibe. The gift set includes a selection of pampering Lavender & Thyme products – a body wash, body lotion and to finish off a body butter. There is also an aromatherapy soy candle and a sweet treat of Ferrero Rocher to complete the self care at home treatment.

           Self care at home tip: If you need to, schedule time in your calendar to relax. With so     much stimulation on your smartphone and laptop you need time to switch off, if only for a           few minutes. Try putting off all electronic devices and allow yourself to destress and             escape the digital world.  

Do you find yourself searching “spa near me” on your phone? Practicing self care at home is something to consider. A great idea is to host a girls spa night at home and treat the special ladies in your life to an indulgent pampering. Focusing on a positive mentality is just as important as treating your overall wellness with a good vibes gift box.

Hosting a girls spa night does not need to cost an arm and a leg. Gifts for girl friends can be bought over a period of time, keep a note of what each of your friends enjoy and make sure to include their favorite pampering item stocked for the girls spa night! You can turn a regular Saturday afternoon pampering session into a truly memorable and luxurious one.

Taking care of yourself and your girlfriends is made easy with IamYouBox. Featuring a selection of gift boxes to choose from, it makes buying gifts for girl friends so easy and convenient. The Peachy Sweet Pamper Package Gift Box is a delightful set that contains everything you’ll need to wind down and enjoy some R&R. From Suntory Horoyoi Peach Beer to a Soy Aromatherapy Candle, Silk Eye Pads and sweet treats to complete the sensory experience.

During these current trying times, it is vital to look after both your physical and mental wellbeing. Try to set aside time during the day or once a week for a spa at home treatment with your partner, husband, wife or simply alone.


Top tips for an enjoyable spa at home day

DIY treatments work best, so you can unwind and set the pace for the day. Do not forget the fluffy slippers, scented candles, and soothing music to set the scene.

Aromatherapy Candles

Candles do more than just create a mood of relaxation, but aromatherapy scents are designed to stimulate the senses and reduce anxiety.

Setting the scene for a spa day at home.

Choose the room or space that you will use for your spa at home experience. It could be your bedroom, bathroom or living area. As long as the space allows you to create a peaceful and serene setting, it will be great.

Decorating the space will add to the relaxing atmosphere, think comfortable soft slippers, a fluffy bathrobe, lit up scented candles and throw in a few flower petals for added softness and a natural scent. No need to search for “spa near me” any longer!

Now all that is needed is gorgeous products to make the stress of life melt away and be carefree for only but a little while. A gift delivery service like IamYouBox is both convenient and a safe way to receive pampering self care products and to make sure you are taking care of yourself.

The Soft Soak Bath Set from IamYouBox is a perfect treat if you want to lay back and disconnect. It contains Pink and Black Himalayan bath salts with organic flowers, a natural soy candle, hand cream, a sleep mask, Jasmin tea with mug and some sweetness with a packet of Ferrero Rocher.

IamYouBox creates and delivers gift sets throughout Thailand, taking the stress out of gift buying.

For more spa at home ideas, visit IamYouBox

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