Valentines Day Gifts

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The Marital Mug Set

Congratulate a caring couple with this ideal his & hers mug set for happily married men & women, topped off with a few romantic goodies.

Absolutly Fabulous!

This alcoholic gift box combines Sweden's finest vodka with fresh fruity flavors & is packed with enough zest to bring any occasion to life!

Breakfast Bundle

Make sure that special person gets off to a good start with a sweet breakfast that will leave them smiling. A perfect way to start the day!

Sweet Smirnoff Surprise

The ideal drinks package for those with a sweet tooth. This alcoholic gift box perfectly blends fruity flavours with triple distilled vodka.

The Picture Perfect Polaroid Present

A picture is worth a thousand words, so help them remember their special occasion with this modern twist on the legendary polaroid camera.

Aquatic Adventure (Red Rose Edition)

The perfect gift set for a special someone who is setting off for a seaside holiday. It even includes a waterproof camera & photo frame!

Aquatic Adventure (Lavender Edition)

The perfect gift set for a special someone who is setting off for a seaside holiday. It even includes a waterproof camera & photo frame!

Movie & Munchies Box Set

A Netflix gift card & sizable selection of snacks makes for a magical movie night at home with friends and/or family, popcorn included!

Netflix and Chill Kit

The perfect present for a lover or couple who loves to cozy up on the couch & forget about the outside world with a movie & snack selection.

The Sleep Easy

Know someone who's always complaining about being tired? This sleep easy gift set will leave them with no reason to groggily groan anymore.

Body & Soul Soothing Set gift box

Treat them to a fresh feeling inside & out with a gift set crafted to cleanse the body & soul by soaking in soapy suds & sumptuous scents.

Bathing Beauty Gift box

Make someone feel & smell beautiful with a bathtime bundle of goodies. Bath bomb & salts to calm the skin & Ted Baker products to spritz up.

Peachy Sweet Pamper Package

Who doesn't like to kick back in a fizzy bath with a peachy beer, soaking in the scents of a good candle & snacking on sweet treats?

The Kitkat Vacation Pack (Red)

Help someone enjoy their holiday with a selection of chocolates, bath products & an underwater camera to capture all the special moments!

A Little Sunshine

A little sunshine box will bring joy to your special one. Who will say no to a happy giraffe cup. Especially when they have to work from home. This box goal is to simply make someone’s day.

Mix and Match Gift Box

A gift set that is designed to please both those on your list and yourself!

Extravagant gifts and spontaneous surprises are just what we need this time of year to remind us that we're loved. But let's be honest, they can also break the bank and violate a strict gift-buying budget. Luckily, there are plenty of Valentine's Day gifts in a box to choose from that won't hurt your bank but will still show your love and appreciation.

These Valentine's Day gift boxes may not pack the same romance punch as a diamond bracelet or red roses, but they'll do the job for those who appreciate something more practical.

Iamyoubox .com is your number one source for unique Valentine's Day gift sets. Take away the stress of having to shop for a loved one and send something romantic and fun.

Valentine Gift Box Ideas

The holidays can be extremely stressful (and expensive) for those looking for that special gift. Valentine's Day gift box from Iamyoubox can save your day! We have premium gift sets that are right up your alley.

With our products, it is easy to explain in a few words why you like the person so much. We have numerous and unique selections that will make your loved one feel special.

Valentine Gift Card

Want to make it more personalized? Nothing goes better with a romantic gift for your loved one on Valentine's Day than a gift card. With the Valentine Gift Card, you can send the message and let your recipient chose what they want to see you spend on their behalf.

Be the most romantic person in the world this Valentine's Day! We feel nothing but to be giddy on this special day for lovers. Before heading out to buy those pricey gifts or cards, come here at and order your presents online!