What to Write In A Birthday Gift Card Without Actually Saying Happy Birthday

What to Write In A Birthday Gift Card Without Actually Saying Happy Birthday

Birthday greetings don't come for a year. They don't come with a specific birthday. They're not even really for someone. The moment you've decided to make a wish and let that person have it - then that’s it.

So, when you're buying a birthday gift card for someone, you're not sure what to say. A lot of things are rolling around in your head. You're trying to think of some nice, thoughtful words that would make this person happy and make it feel like it's a birthday they'll never forget. And then, you fail.

You don't know how to walk the fine line between heartfelt and awkward. A birthday card that says "Happy Birthday" isn't the same as a heartfelt "Thank You."

The problem is, there's no cookie-cutter version of a special gift. Your wording is going to be personal. You'll have to speak your heart out, and that's a lot of pressure.

But to help you, here are some ways to avoid the curse of the birthday card without saying "Happy Birthday."

1. "The best presents are the ones that come straight from your heart."

"Happy Birthday" is a pretty standard thing to say on most occasions, but the key thing to remember? The gift has to come from your heart.

If you're someone who likes to go overboard and show how much you know your recipient, you could write "I love you." But if you don't think your recipient is worth the time, why bother? Instead, just say "Happy Birthday" and be done with it. You'll never know how much of a difference it can make.

2. "I couldn't think of a better way to say happy birthday than with this special gift."

We all want people to know we put in thought when we get them a surprise gift. That's nice, and it shows you put in some effort. But if you're not careful, it can come off too insincere.

3. "It was my way of saying thank you for everything you do for me."

What's the point? That's all well and good, but it has nothing to do with a birthday gift. You can say "Happy Birthday" when you're thanking someone without writing a whole lot of words.

4. "I know how much you like surprises, so here's a special one."

Speaking of surprises, this is the perfect card to go with it—if you wanted to show your gratitude that way.

5. "I know this is extra, but I had to give you something to remember me by."

Something for the memories? Well then, we've covered all the bases.

6. "According to the stars, you're a wonderful person and deserve nothing but happiness."

Here's a great card if that's what you really believe—but also something that seems too random and impersonal.

7. "Nothing can match the experience of spending time with great friends."

If you've chosen Facebook, then this gift card will be a great way to spread cheer on a day when everyone is excited about special plans.

8. "Thank you for being one of my best friends."

It's good to know that the things we do for others are appreciated.

9. "You have my deepest thanks for your friendship and support."

If you don't know the person that well, it's probably easier to say this than not, but it's still nice to get it out there.

10. "I wish I could give more than a birthday card. Happy birthday!"

This is another way to show you put a lot of effort into the card while leaving out the fluff.

11. "Thank you for making my life better. Happy birthday!"

It's true that the people we surround ourselves with, do make a big impact on our lives. This card will let your recipient know they're valued, but you didn't have to go overboard and write a song or something like that.

12. "You mean the world to me. Enjoy your day!"

Sometimes it's hard to come up with something original to say, so why not just say what everyone else is afraid to? If you mean it, you don't have much to lose.

13. "You are a wonderful person. Happy birthday!"

Simple, easy to remember, and can be left on almost any gift!

14. "Thank you for being a great friend. Enjoy your day!"

Again, we want our friends to know they are appreciated. It's nice to hear, and it's also nice to give them something they can keep even after you're gone.

15. "I hope you have a fantastic birthday."

It's not even that great of a birthday gift, but it's all you've got. Hence, just be thankful you had the sense to think something other than "Happy Birthday!"

Your genuine feelings may not be enough to come up with the perfect gift, but don't worry too much. For the recipient, receiving a gift from your heart is more than enough for a birthday!

At least you didn't say "Happy Birthday.

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